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5 Tips for Financial Success

With these 5 steps start your journey to financial success! No accountant jargon, only we promise.

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The Beginnings of Cash Flow

This 6-week class will walk you through the basics of cash flow in a way you can understand.

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Your Invisible board of Directors

Running a business is hard, but you don't have to do it alone! This free pamphlet unveils who you should have on your "Invisible board of Directors".

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2021 Starter Budget

This simple budget is perfect for people just dipping their toes into budgeting. Without all the overwhelming glitz and glam, this budget gets down and dirty to help you meet your financial goals!

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Who we are

Xtreme Movement, LLC was founded by an accountant, Kelly Johnston, with a passion for education. After years working for businesses, Kelly wanted to share her knowledge with small businesses looking to understand their finances.

What we do

Xtreme Movement classes help you learn about finances without overwhelming you! Using best accounting practices and years of industry experience, our classes focus on what entrepreneur's need.

The Debt Education Center

Take a look at our debt education freebies!


The Debt Snowball

This free worksheet will help you master the Debt Snowball Method! Tackle your debts from smallest to largest and get DEBT FREE faster. 

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Pay Off Debt or Invest?

Are you wondering what the best thing to do with your extra cash is? This handout can help you determine if your money is better used paying off debt or investing. 

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The Debt Avalanche Method

The Debt Avalanche Method is a great way to pay off debt and save yourself some money in the long run! Use our free worksheet to stay on top of your debts.

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The Tax Stop

Let's talk tax!


How to Streamline Your Tax Process

Find out the 4 easy steps to streamlining your tax process! 

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Find the One!

Stop with the accountant speed dating! Find the right accountant for you in the first interview with this hand-out.

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What's the Facts?

Tax can lead to a lot of confusion! This hand-out dispels some of the common misconceptions about tax season. 

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What's The Difference?

This hand-out breaks down the difference between different accountant accreditations. 

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What the Heck is a 8879 Form?!

The IRS has a lot of forms! Learn about the 8879 Form and why it is important.

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Xtreme Cash Flow

 Xtreme Cash Flow is  the perfect cash flow forecaster for you! It is an intuitive software that creates financial assumptions, tracks financial changes, and creates ratio and other key performance indicators for you by linking to your Quick Book or Xero Platform.

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Our Founder, Kelly Johnston, has a large amount of experience in both the public accounting and private industry accounting fields.

Her background includes a Bachelor in Finance and a Master of Science in Accounting, with experience in the healthcare industry with critical access hospitals and physician offices, audit, and tax preparation.

Her education and experience can add value to new start-up organizations, developing businesses, and healthcare entities by creating a strong financial reporting set up and assisting in new financial reports.

Email [email protected] for more information.

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